Quick review - a smattering of adjectives that describe Angela: experienced, energetic, well connected, resourceful, professional, punctual, easy-going, well prepared, and efficient.

   Longer version - We hired Angela to help us plan a destination wedding in 6 months. From researching venues to putting drunk family members on a trolley back to their hotel, Angela gave us way more help than we should have expected to receive given her inexpensive fee. She devoted extra time and effort to helping us keep costs down and met requests that we thought were absurd, like paying nothing for decorations but still having them. She truly shined on the wedding day, making it stress-free for us so we could enjoy time with loved ones. She was always one step ahead for everything that needed doing. I have a sneaking suspicion she has an identical twin (or triplets?), but don't worry, she loves doing this and would never ask for another dime to help pay for her Angela army. Get in touch with her already!

Thanks again so much and we wish you many more happy weddings! (other people's, not your own!!)


Ilaria and Mike
We had a simple wedding in mind and never foresaw the amount of details that go into it. Call it simply complexity? We learned it\'s unavoidable, since in the end your own wedding is a special once in a lifetime event where details matter. These days, sometimes being simple actually translates to non-standard, and thus requires a lot of customization and intervention to get right. This is especially true when you try and organize a wedding 3000 miles away. Never fear, though, because Angela is here!

When planning your wedding, there will be situations that arise where it seems you\'re at an impasse, and you need someone steadfast, caring, and super-organized to move things along. This is Angela in a nutshell.

But Angela\'s greatest strength is actually her ability to listen. This is especially true if there are several people involved in planning, all offering different opinions at times. She has a unique ability to let the dust settle, then respond with reasonable alternatives that always make everyone happy. Consider her skillset that of a chief negotiator. I now firmly believe that with anyone less we wouldn\'t have gotten it done.

When choosing a wedding planner, your first priority should be finding the right person as opposed to solely what they know. But Angela also has some great connections with the local vendors, which was a nice bonus. One of our big things was that we wanted to have kegs of beers with no restrictions associated with them for our guests. She got us hooked up with a local guy who rented us a beer trailer for the weekend, which completely solved the problem. This connection was priceless, since he even took care of the paperwork for us. We never would have found this connection without Angela, and in retrospect was such an integral detail, since it completely shaped the dynamics of the night.

We also learned the hard way that some planners will push their own vendors to due to some financial incentive. But that definitely was not the case with Angela. Her primary concern was always adapting to what we wanted, which is the only way it should be.

Let me also say that planning a wedding requires a lot of reading and responding to email, which can become counter- productive if the volumes are too high, or if issues are neglected. This is especially true if you\'re corresponding remotely. Angela saved us countless hours by consolidating information, and keeping questions simplified and completely relevant to our goals.

So after 9 months of solid planning, the wedding weekend was finally here. We had a scare the day before when our officiant was stuck in traffic before our rehearsal. Rather than allow for imminent mental breakdown, Angela stepped up and directed the program herself by playing the role. It worked perfectly and we actually got some sleep the night before our big day.

The day of the wedding itself things went like clockwork. Everyone told us that the day of your own wedding will be a blur, and let me say that they\'re right. But even so, you will never forget who was there and how they made you feel. Since we felt that Angela had complete control over the details that day, we were able to completely relax. We can honestly say that the day was perfect and was the best single day of our life so far.

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