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 Eric Fortin and Amy Arsenault
My husband and I hired Angela so that we could enjoy the experience of our wedding with minimal stress.  She surpassed every expectation and was there for us throughout the whole year leading up to the wedding.  Angela worked within our budget and never pressured us to spend money; she actually found ways for DIY projects and to save money.  She seamlessly balanced communications between myself and our vendors, kept my husband and I on track and provided tons of suggestions from what she has seen go well or not well at other weddings.
As the wedding day approached Angela was AMAZING from setting up the ceremony site with personal touches, creating the floral arrangements for center pieces, decorating the dining room for the reception.  Angela has a wonderful combination of personality and professionalism that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.  Her attention to detail is impeccable and she is willing to work nonstop to make your event a positive and unforgettable experience.  We are very grateful to have had Angela there to help us through the planning of our wedding.
 It would be an understatement to say that Angela Poulin is a dynamo!!
              My daughters wedding was at a childrens summer camp for a weekend. Angela spent countless hrs prior to the event with both me and my daughter, who lives in NYC, gathering information, looking at my daughters pinterest board, and making suggestions for her "rustic chic" wedding.. We had already chosen the vendors, but Angela took charge of all the communications and made sure all deliveries were scheduled seamlessly.
       The afternoon before the wedding Angela was amazing at rounding up our slightly energetic wedding party and conducting the rehearsal smoothly despite missing some key people due to bad traffic issues.. most of all...She kept
 the Bride happy and relaxed!
       After the rehearsal, while we were all enjoying a fabulous BBQ and live music, Angela worked non-stop to turn a camp rec hall into something magical.. She organized the wedding day down to the smallest detail, even making some amazing theme based suggestions that were a big hit with everyone..(ie..quilt squares that guests could write messages on to the bride and groom and then be turned into a quilt) She even shared some of her own props for decoration!
        The most important thing that happened though, was the transformation of that camp rec hall. Angela had managed to take the vision my daughter had in her head for the space,and completely make it a reality. I watched her enter the reception hall for the first time, and there were tears in her eyes.. It was as magical as she had dreamed it would be.
                         Angela is a professional, creative, positive ball of energy. The vendors loved working with her, we loved working with her, and even the camp owner loved working with her!(so much so, that Angela is planning her wedding this summer at the very same camp!) We couldn't have done it without her!
 Laura Kelly
 (mother of the bride)

Our Wedding Planner - Angela Poulin
Anne Bohan
June 28, 2014
Within 24 hours of my son and new daughter-in-law\'s wedding I was receiving accolades from friends and family such as: fabulous event perfect in every way, the thought and details were unbelievable, and all was simple elegance. I cannot properly express how grateful my family is to Angela.  Like the previous reviewer, we were traumatized by a bad experience with a wedding planner who did not develop a rapport with the couple and who then quit and would not return the bulk of our deposit.  Not an auspicious start to planning for a total destination and do-it-yourself wedding -- a three-day celebration in the White Mountains.  Had Angela not stepped in and buoyed spirits and gained confidence, the wedding could not have been the success it was.  It\'s a cliche, but she saved the day.

Angela was able to respond with total professionalism
to many requests.  She was always cheerful and positive.  The vendors loved working with her and treated her with utmost respect.  She did not expect kickbacks from them.

The couple trusted her judgment on decorating their venue and it looked fabulous -- she took the ideas of the couple and ran with them and also contributed many of her own.  She allowed us to work as a team rather than insisting on deciding every aspect herself -- when at times it would have been easier for her to be the sole decision-maker.
This was necessary because the couple live on the West Coast and could only visit their venue once before the wedding and enlisted the help of family to pull everything off.
This included family from Boston as well as Italy -- coordination was very much needed.

Angela easily handled each minor crisis along the way.  For example, when the justice of the peace didn\'t arrive timely for the rehearsal due to holiday traffic, Angela stepped in and ran it without missing a beat. She and her assistant arrived early Friday afternoon for setup and worked tirelessly until the wee hours of Sunday morning. When our bartenders advised us several hours in to the reception there was a chance we would run out of white wine due to hot weather, Angela\'s assistant made a run to the liquor store without complaint.  Angela advised my son to hire a refrigerated trailer to keep the beer and wine chilled.  Wonderful advice.  It also kept the wedding cake from melting. Her advice on where to best expend funds and where we could save was invaluable.

All in all, in addition to a gorgeous venue and the luck of clear blue skies, having Angela as wedding planner was the piece that made the wedding exceptional.
The couple expressed how fortunate they were to work with Angela and how much they liked her personally.  I am writing this review because they are on a well-deserved honeymoon and I didn't want a delay in endorsing Angela's services.  Hiring her for your wedding will be your best decision!!

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